• Calibration Laboratory Services at NCB

    NCB provides calibration services in fields of Mass & Volume, Dimension, Force, Pressure, and Revolution to Cement, Construction, Power and Process Industries.

    Key Features of Services
    • Wide range of calibration services to quality control and quality assurance laboratories of cement plants, process industries, construction sites, testing/R&D laboratories, equipment manufacturers, etc.
    • Services traceable to National/International standards through dynamic quality system accredited by NABL as per ISO 17025:2005.
    • Having state-of-the-art facilities for calibration of equipment at both at site and in-house.
    • Measurement Uncertainties as per ISO/IEC 17025 and NABL guidelines.
    Other Services Traceable to National/International Standards
    • Force Measuring Devices (Proving Rings, Dynamometers and Load Indicators)*
    • Stopwatch, LVDT, Hydraulic Jacks
    • Verification of Rebound/Concrete Test Hammer

    *This facility is available in NCB-Hyderabad also.

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