• Structural Optimization and Design

    Service offered:

    • Load testing and assessment of load-carrying capacity of structural elements
    • Detailed investigation on mechanical, thermal, chemical & mineralogical properties of aged concrete dams
    • Study on stress-strain characteristics of very high, ultra-high strength concrete and geopolymer concrete
    • Development of design Parameters in flexure and shear for High Strength Concrete
    • Studies on mechanical and time dependent properties of Very High Strength Concrete and Ultra High Strength Concrete
    • Development of structural design parameters in flexure and shear for Geopolymer Concrete
    • Study on fracture performance of fibre reinforced concrete
    • Effect of Fibre on enhanced ductility & Fire Resistance
    • Effect of Fire on Residual Mechanical Properties of reinforcing bars and Structural Performance of Reinforced Concrete Beams in flexure & Shear
    Load Test on Prestressed Concrete I Girder

    Studies undertaken

    • Load testing of Prestressed I girder for Delhi-Agra expressway project, Brijwasan and Dwarka (Dabri) flyovers in Delhi
    • Performance and durability studies on Prestressed Concrete made with PPC
    • Development of Design Parameters for High Strength Concrete
    • Effectiveness of different repair systems for the repair, restoration and strengthening of corrosion damage structures
    • Performance evaluation of fibre reinforced concrete for performance improvement of concrete structures
    • Experimental Study on Shear & Compression Design of High Strength Concrete including Effect of Fibre On Enhanced Ductility & Fire Resistance
    • Use of Advanced Electronics in Construction and Condition Assessment of Concrete Structures
    • Studies on Mechanical properties, flexural behaviour and shear behaviour of Geopolymer Concrete
    • Field & Laboratory Investigations of aged Concrete Dams for Finite Element Analysis and Deciding Repair/Rehabilitation Strategy
    Testing of notched beam in progress for the study of fracture behavior of High Strength Concrete
    Test for Determination of Creep Coefficient(In Compression) Concrete Core extraction of 150 mm diameter & 1-meter length from gallery of Gravity Dam Accelerated Chloride Induced Corrosion Studies
    Accelerated Carbonation Induced Corrosion Studies Flexural test setup for high grade Concrete reinforced Beams (In Flexure) Flexure toughness test on Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete



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