• Name Dr. S K Chaturvedi
    Date of Birth 31 December 1964
    Email sk.chaturvedi@ncbindia.com
    Present Designation Joint Director
    Unit Incharge Ballabgarh, Haryana, India

    Professional Experience:

    • Over 32 years of experience the Field of Cement Building Materials, nano cement/ceramics, of raw materials

    Qualification Attainments:

    Degree / Diploma
    B.Tech. (Ceramic Engg.)


    Areas of Research

    Cement and Building materials, Sintered aggregates, Concrete technology, Chemistry of flyash activation, Cement chemistry, Nano cement, reactivity of raw materials

    Brief of Professional Milestones and Achievements

    Instrumental in preparing & drafting Low Carbon Technology Roadmap for Indian Cement Industry, jointly with CII for WBCSD and also led the UNIDO project.

    Planning and execution of more than 30 programmed R&D & 200 industry sponsored projects in the area of Cement and Building Materials, Fly ash use in Cement and Concrete, Nano Cements, Raw mix design, waste utilization, refractories, Ceramics, trouble shooting, etc. Working towards Circular Economy in Gypsum under NITI Aayog, Govt. of India

    Publications: More than 100 Research Publications in Seminars / Conferences / Journals

    Patents: He has 12 patents to his Credit

    Committees and Associations Support: Member of BIS Committees on Cement, Pozzolana and Cement Additives Sub Committee (CED2.1); Refractories Sectional Committee (MTD 15), Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi

    Latest Activities