• List of Facilities


    Respirable Dust Sampler 17 Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
    PM2.5 Ambient Fine Dust Sampler 5 PM2.5 Concentration in Ambient Air
    Continuous Emission Monitoring System 1 Monitoring of Gaseous Pollutants at Source
    Stack Monitoring Kit 2 Monitoring of Dust Emission at Source
    Portable Flue Gas Analyzer 6 Monitoring of Gaseous Pollutants at Source
    Chemiluminescence NOx Analyzer 1 NOx Concentration in Ambient Air
    SO2 Fluorescent Analyzer 1 SOx Concentration in Ambient Air
    BTX Analyzer 1 BTX Concentration in Ambient Air
    Micro Meteorological Monitor 2 Monitoring of Meteorological Parameters
    Sound Level Meter 2 Monitoring of Noise Level
    Blast mate Series II 1 Monitoring of Ground Vibration
    CO Analyzer 1 CO Concentration in Ambient Air
    Indoor Air Quality Monitor- 1 PM10, Formaldehyde, TVOC, SO2, NO & NO2, CO, CO2, Temp., Humidity& O2
    Life Cycle Assessment Software
    Simapro 7.2
    GaBi 4.4
    2 To evaluate the magnitude of the potential environmental Impacts of a Product or a Process
    Computation Fluid Dynamics Software 1 Improvement of performance of APCE with modification in design

    Equipment Available for Measuring Process and Electrical Parameters

    Name of equipment Usages
    Portable hand-held temperature measuring equipment To measure temperatures of gases, materials up to 13000C
    Portable hand-held O2 & CO gas analyzer To measure concentrations  of  O2 & CO gases
    Portable hand-held multi-gas analyzer (O2, CO, CO2  ) To measure concentrations  of  O2  CO & CO2 gases
    Portable hand-held micromanometer (0-2000 mmwg) To measure static pressures & velocity pressures of gases
    Portable hand-held micromanometer (0-60 mmwg) To measure velocity pressures of gases
    Portable hand-held type vane anemometer (0-40 m/sec)  To measure air velocities
    Portable hand-held infrared temperature measuring equipment To measure surface temperatures up to 9000C
    Portable hand-held pitot tube (S-type) To measure velocities of gases
    Portable hand-held Ultrasonic Leak detector To detect leakages across system
    Portable hand-held Psychrometer To measure relative humidity, wet bulb temperatures
    Portable hand-held Ultrasonic Water Flow meter To measure Water Flows
    Portable hand-held Clip on power meter To measure kW, A, V, PF, kVAR
    Portable hand-held Electronic power and energy meter To measure kW, kWH
    Portable hand-held Power Analyser To measure kW, A, V, PF, kVAR, THD
    Portable hand-held Lux meter To measure lux level



    Stack Sampler

    advanced-stack-monitring-kitAdvanced Stack Monitring kit

    online-gaseous-moniteringOnline Gaseous Monitering

    stack-monitring-at-cement-plant-1Stack Monitring at Cement Plant

    stack-monitring-at-cement-plantStack Monitring at Cement Plant


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