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  • State-of-the-art Lab Testing Facilities

    NABL Accredited Advance Concrete Composite Laboratories with state of the art equipments for concrete mix proportioning & advance studies of fresh and hardened concrete properties:

    • Automation compressive tests machine with MOE poison ratio & stress-strain relationship determination
    • Automation flexural testing machine for study of post cracking behavior & toughness index determination
    • Abrasion resistance testing machine
    • Universal testing machines
    • Maturity meter
    • Mercury intrusion porosity analyzer
    • Particle size analyzers
    • Automatic setting time apparatus
    • Automatic air permeability apparatus
    • Creep testing setup
    • Fatigue testing machine
    • Standards and advanced workability measurement equipment
    • Air content measurement setup for freshly prepared concrete
    • Initial and final setting time of concrete apparatus
    • Environmental chamber for measuring resistance against plastic shrinkage cracking of fresh concrete

    • MOE and Poisson’s ratio as per IS: 516 and ASTM C-456
    • No-185000 KN UTM Machine for testing of Reinforcing Steel
    • No-13Flexural performance Test for Steel Fiber Reinforced Beam as per ASTM-C1609 with post cracking behavior & toughness index
    • cdr-2233Fatigue Testing on concrete for one Million Cycles
    • cdr-2234Under Water Abrasion Testing as per ASTM C1138
    • cdr-2235Energy Absorption Test for Centrally Loaded Round Panel As per ASTM-C1550.
    • cdr-2235Creep test of HSC as per ASTM C512 / ISO 1920 -9
    • cdr-2235Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry Analyser

    Concrete Durability Studies Lab with state of the art facilities of accelerated tests for Carbonation & Chloride induced corrosion, Sulphate attack, Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity and other deterioration process of concrete:

    • Chloride Ion permeability testing equipment
    • Corrosion analyzer
    • Accelerated carbonation chamber
    • Water permeability equipment


    Last updated on :08/04/2016


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