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    Cement and Other Binders (COB)
  • Performance evaluation of cements containing limestone as mineral admixture
  • Development of improved fast setting and high early strength cement formulation
  • Investigations on material and fuel characteristics affecting clinker and cement quality
  • Studies on the role of performance improvers on the characteristics of cement
  • Investigations on the effect of mineral addition on the hydration and performance characteristics of Portland cement
  • Effect of raw material characteristics on burnability, clinker quality and clinker grindability
  • Establishing relationship between actual (microscopic analysis) phase composition and theoretical phase composition
  • Development of new hydraulic cementitious binders using overburden and wastes from limestone mines
  • Extended field trails and commercial application for fast setting cement based formulations
  • Long term performance evaluation of high magnesia cement
  • Effect of granulometry on performance of cements from different grinding systems
  • Development of high magnesia / alkaline cement systems
  • Development of high performance cement based materials
  • Updating the inventory of industrial wastes for use in cement and building materials manufacture
  • Development of improved gypsum based products from byproduct gypsum
  • Feasibility of making clinker at low temperature with chloride technology
  • Manufacturing of building lime (alternate to class C) using high magnesia limestone
  • Investigations on potentials of using mineral fines as additives for manufacture of cement
  • Development of software package for raw mix design including off line control of raw mix composition in cement industry
  • Development of software package for evaluation of burnability of cement raw mix
  • Performance evaluation of cements containing limestone, fly ash and slag
  • Development of low lime, low energy and high performance cements utilizing industrial wastes
  • Development of composite cements for Indian market – Part 1

    Waste Utilization (WAU)
  • Use of industrial wastes containing toxic/ heavy metal constituents as raw/ blending materials for cement manufacture and studies regarding their immobilization
  • Identification and extraction of relatively more active fraction in Indian fly ashes
  • Enhancing the use of fly ash in cement and concrete through processing of fly ash
  • Utilization of marble dust for the development of building materials
  • Investigations on performance and durability of OPC and PSC prepared utilizing different types of slags
  • Investigations on utilization of marble slurry/ marble dust as alternate to limestone in cement manufacture

    Refractory and Ceramics
  • Improving quality of basis refractory bricks for cement rotary kiln
  • Development of expert system for refractories management in cement industry
  • Performance evaluation of NCB Magnesia Spinelide Refractory (MSR) bricks in cement rotary kiln
  • Development of coating repellant refractory brick for cement rotary kiln system
  • Development of alumina zircon refractories for cement rotary kiln system
  • Full scale plant trials of Alumina Zircon Refractories for Cement Rotary Kiln Systems
  • Further improvement of NCB Magnesia Spinelide Refractory (MSR) bricks
  • Development of Zirconia based coating repellant castables for cement rotary kiln systems
  • Development of technology for the manufacture of sintered aggregate for construction and high temperature applications
  • Evolving guidelines for improved refractory engineering practices for modern capacity cement plants

    Fundamental and Basic Research
  • Investigations on cement hydration products from liquid and gaseous phases
  • Development of method for estimation of reactive silica in fly ash
  • Evaluation of the effect of SO3 content exceeding BIS limits on the properties of cement
  • Investigations on clinker microstructure and performance characteristics of Portland cements prepared using low and marginal grade limestone
  • Development of cements and binders based on nanotechnology
  • Development of geopolymeric cements
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